Placer Commuter Express Step-Up Coupon

Linsey Ettlin Service Alerts

Effective April 1, 2009, Capitol Corridor will no longer accept Placer Commuter Express monthly passes for travel aboard the Capitol Corridor trains without a new “Step-Up Coupon.” Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) and Placer Commuter Express (PCE) have modified the reciprocal ticketing arrangement and are implementing new procedures.

CCJPA and PCE have established the “Step-Up Coupon” Transfer Program to accommodate Placer Commuter Express monthly ticket holder patrons who transfer to Capitol Corridor trains (or Thruway buses) when traveling between Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and Sacramento.

Placer Commuter Express monthly pass holders who wish to travel aboard the Capitol Corridor trains or motorcoach buses, must now present both their monthly pass PLUS a Step-Up Coupon to board the train or Capitol Corridor motorcoach bus.

Placer County will sell these Step-Up Coupon booklets to Placer Commuter Express passengers. The Step-Up Coupons are not available from Capitol Corridor conductors or bus drivers. Placer Commuter Express monthly pass holders who board the Capitol Corridor train or motorcoach bus without a Step-Up Coupon MUST purchase a full-fare train ticket from the conductor or bus driver.

Please direct ALL questions about this program, and inquiries about where to buy these Step-Up Coupons to Placer Commuter Express at (916) 784-6177.

View our bulletin with more information.