Highway 17 Express Bus Summer Schedule Goes into Effect on June 15

Philip Krayna Uncategorized

On Thursday, June 15, the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (SCMTD) will implement a schedule change for Highway 17 Express bus service between San Jose and Santa Cruz. There will be minor adjustments to bus departure times to reflect summertime traffic patterns. Please refer to the Highway 17 Express schedule for details. Following are highlights of the schedule change:


  • A new 10:10am departure from San Fernando and 7th in San Jose has been added.
  • The 1:30pm Friday-only departure from Santa Cruz Metro Center has been replaced by a 6:30pm departure.
  • The 11:40am and 1:35pm departures from San Fernando and 7th in San Jose will not serve Scotts Valley, and instead go directly to Santa Cruz.


  • In the Southbound direction only, bus will be routed along River St. instead of Ocean St. to avoid beach traffic.