Bus Bridge to Replace BART Service Between 19th St. & West Oakland, August 25 & 26

Philip Krayna News Archive

Passengers who plan to connect to BART at the Richmond Station or Oakland Coliseum Station for travel to San Francisco and other destinations in the West Bay, please be advised that BART will be making major repairs on the track and other infrastructure between the 19th Street and West Oakland stations on the weekend of August 25 and 26, as well as over Labor Day Weekend (September 1-3), and if needed, during the weekend of September 22 and 23.

During these work periods, there will be a free bus bridge provided by AC Transit between 19th Street and West Oakland, with the trip taking between 10 and 15 minutes. Riders who wish to travel across the Bay should stay on their BART train until 19th Street, take the free bus to West Oakland, and board another BART train to their West Bay destination. In the eastbound direction, passengers should get off BART at West Oakland, take the bus shuttle to 19th St., and then board another BART train to make their connection to the Capitol Corridor at the Richmond Station or Oakland Coliseum Station.

Alternatively, Capitol Corridor passengers can travel to San Francisco using Capitol Corridor’s dedicated connecting bus service between Emeryville and downtown San Francisco. View our Weekend/Holiday train and San Francisco bus schedule for more information about this option. Please note that on Sunday, August 26, the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf bus stop will not be in service between 6am and Noon due to the Bridge to Bridge race. All other bus stops will be operating normally, although passengers could experience heavier than normal traffic into and out of the city. Please see our News story for more information about the SFW service interruption on Sunday, August 26.

BART service will operate within the East Bay, with trains running at least every 20 minutes between Richmond and Warm Springs and Antioch and Dublin.

For more information about the Labor Day BART service modifications, visit the news article on their website.

BART Map for Labor Day 2018 Work