Capitol Corridor Applauds State Lawmakers Vote to Approve High Speed Rail Funds

Luna Salaver News Archive

OAKLAND, CALIF., July 13, 2012 – The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers
Authority (CCJPA) applauds last week’s vote by state lawmakers to release
funds for the California High Speed Rail Authority’s (CHSRA) Initial
Construction Segment in the Central Valley, plus $800 million for projects
that will connect and support high speed trains in California. “We
expected that the Senate vote would be tight,” CCJPA Board Chair Jim
Spering said. “When we heard that the final funding vote was in favor of
the CHSRA’s program we were thrilled and grateful. Thrilled, as this
decision will improve Capitol Corridor service as the overall high speed
rail plan blends existing intercity passenger rail with the proposed high
speed rail route and grateful for the legislative support to improve train
service throughout California.”

The proposed CHSRA blended service approach will require the development of an integrated operating service plan for the CCJPA’s Capitol Corridor
passenger trains as well as other northern California passenger rail
agencies that will support intercity passenger trains operating on the
CHSRA’s Central Valley Initial Construction Segment.

Part of the legislature’s vote included funds for passenger rail services
that will connect to and support CHSRA trains. For the CCJPA, these
connectivity funds will enhance Capitol Corridor service between Oakland
and Silicon Valley. “A portion of the these state funds will be used to
build a second set of tracks between Oakland and San Jose, which will allow
the Capitol Corridor to go from 14 daily trains to 22,” CCJPA Managing
Director David Kutrosky said. “More passenger rail service means more
viable travel options for Northern Californians, taking thousands of cars
off of congested highways—air will be cleaner and the state will be in a
better position to meet its climate change reduction target.”

Other connectivity funds approved by the state legislators will allow the
CCJPA to begin advancing the financing plan to implement track
infrastructure projects that will permit added Capitol Corridor trains to