Capitol Corridor Out and About in May

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It’s been a busy month for Capitol Corridor, with anniversaries and milestones to celebrate. Here’s a snap shot of what kept us “out and about” in May!

Bike to Work Day, May 8
On Thursday, May 8, staff in Oakland took an early morning train to Sacramento to host a table at Bikefest, Sacramento’s annual Bike to Work Day celebration. Thankfully, relatively cool weather prevailed, and we had the opportunity to meet lots of enthusiastic bicyclists and Capitol Corridor riders.

For more about Bikefest and pictures from the event, read Capitol Corridor’s latest post in our bike info blog, Spoke n’ Word, written by Capitol Corridor’s Manager of Planning and resident bike expert, Jim Allison.

Highway 17 Express Bus Anniversary
At the other end of our service area on Friday, May 9, CCJPA Managing Director David Kutrosky, was invited to speak at the Highway 17 Express Bus service anniversary celebration at Santa Cruz Metro’s Pacific Station. The event marked the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Joint Powers Authority, of which Capitol Corridor is a part, that now administers the service, as well as the 25th anniversary of the service itself.

Capitol Corridor's Managing Director, David Kutrosky, spoke at the Highway 17 Express Bus anniversary event on May 9, 2014.

Capitol Corridor’s Managing Director, David Kutrosky, spoke at the Highway 17 Express Bus anniversary event on May 9, 2014.

Over the last five years, the Capitol Corridor, San Joaquin, and Amtrak share of ridership on the Highway 17 Express bus has grown over 50%, and sales of one-way tickets have shown an average annual growth rate of 10% since 2009. The coordinated bus-train service not only creates a more seamless and convenient experience for passengers travelling between the Bay Area and Santa Cruz, but it adds significant value to our own service by expanding the range of destination options.

The Highway 17 Express bus service was started by Santa Cruz Metro and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in the aftermath of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake as a way to connect the Bay Area, and San Jose in particular, with Santa Cruz via Highway 17, which was severely damaged during the earthquake.

The service was a huge success, and in 2001, Santa Cruz Metro was able to secure additional funding to add more buses. Three years later, a collaborative agreement was reached between Santa Cruz Metro, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority, VTA, Caltrans, and Amtrak to consolidate and expand service “over the hill.”

Today, the Highway 17 Express bus continues to make travel over Highway 17 convenient and economical for its riders, and is an example of how organizations can achieve efficiency and cost effectiveness through partnership and collaboration.

National Train Day, Saturday, May 10

The back-to-back celebrations concluded on Saturday, May 10, fittingly, with Amtrak-hosted National Train Day at the Emeryville Station from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Capitol Corridor participated in the family-friendly festivities with an information table containing schedules and plenty of kid-friendly giveaways.


Amtrak’s “Chuggington Station” had plenty of games and activities to entertain the kids.

Board Directors Rebecca Saltzman and Robert Raburn, both Capitol Corridor riders, were included in the speaker line-up for the half-hour event program that featured keynote speaker Carl W. Vogt, former member of Amtrak’s Board of Directors.


From left: Jonathan Gast of Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office; CCJPA Board Director Rebecca Saltzman; CCJPA Managing Director David Kutrosky; and CCJPA Board Director Robert Raburn.


Keynote speaker, The Honorable Carl W. Vogt, former member of Amtrak's Board of Directors

Keynote speaker, The Honorable Carl W. Vogt, former member of Amtrak’s Board of Directors

The theme for the day, which was played out at Amtrak stations across the country, was “Trains Matter”, and it marked the 145th anniversary (to the day) when the United States was officially connected by rail from coast to coast by the joining of the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad in Promontory, Utah in 1869.

More photos:


Participants line up to sit in the “mover” used by railroads to transport workers up and down the tracks.


National Train Day was the perfect excuse for many families with young children to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather.