CC Rail Mail – March 13, 2013

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Oakland Running Festival- March 24, 2013

The Fourth Annual Oakland Running Festival (ORF) will take place March 24th. Whether it’s the 5K, Lucky Kids Fun Run, Half-Marathon or the Marathon, the Oakland festival is one of Northern California’s best running events. Make it a weekend of fun and book a night at the Oakland Marriott City Center – click here for your special ORF room rate and see why runners said this was one of the best fan supported runs. You can save 50% on your Saturday/Sunday train travel to Oakland – simply click here for your 50% discount. For more information visit

Placer County Service Update and Survey

The CCJPA has long supported the development of a second train to/from Auburn to increase service in Placer County. This past year, discussions between Placer County, the CCJPA and Union Pacific had been renewed on the subject; however, last week Union Pacific indicated that it would not be supplying a private capital match for the proposed Donner Pass Phase 2 Project. This decision is based on Union Pacific’s desire to finance improvements in other regions of their network. Unfortunately, as a result of this decision, there will not be a second train between Sacramento and Auburn that we planned for later this year. The CCJPA team remains committed to working with local UPRR management to identify future opportunities that will allow a future second train to/from Auburn.

Despite this disappointing news, the CCJPA is working to improve our current service in Placer County, serving passengers from Auburn, Rocklin and Roseville. We encourage passengers who travel to/from these stations to take our Placer County Service Survey and let us know how we can make our train service your preferred means of travel.

Service Advisory: March events will affect Capitol Corridor motorcoach buses in San Francisco

There are events taking place in San Francisco during March that will affect service to Capitol Corridor motorcoach bus stops. Some stops may be moved to new location, or will not be served due to traffic restrictions. Learn which stops will be affected this month on

Onboard Courtesy

Please be courteous to your fellow passengers and keep your shoes, bags and other belongings off of the seats. Use the overhead bins above the seats or the luggage areas, which are located at the ends of each car. This will allow us to accommodate all passengers comfortably and reduce possibility of standees. Please be aware that the lower level seating should be made available for mobility-impaired or elderly passengers. Conductors will be making announcements to remind passengers to keep seats clear for others to use.
Your electronic devices (such as laptops, iPods, CD/mp3 players, electronic games, mobile phones, etc.) as well as all headphones or earphones must not emit any sound audible to others. This applies to passengers traveling in ALL cars. We also ask you to refrain from talking loudly when on your cell phone. Thank you for your cooperation in making everyone’s trip on a Capitol Corridor train pleasant and enjoyable.