CC Rail Mail – May 1, 2012

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Fare Increase May 8, 2012

As established in the Fiscal Year 2012 Business Plan, the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority will be increasing fares an average of 5% on May 8, 2012. This fare adjustment is included in Capitol Corridor’s revenue projections for Fiscal Year 2012, which will sustain our current service levels and offset the rising cost of diesel fuel. The prolonged spike in diesel fuel prices significantly and directly impacts Capitol Corridor’s operating costs. This fare increase helps us meet revenue and farebox operating ratio projections for this fiscal year without resorting to cutting service frequencies. The Capitol Corridor train service depends on two sources of operating revenue: passenger fares and annually allocated state funds. Given the state’s dismal financial condition, the fare increases enacted twice a year are required to maintain the level of service currently provided by Capitol Corridor.

Reminder: Show Your Ticket

As we roll out the new eTicketing program, tickets must be surrendered for inspection or cancellation by any conductor or authorized carrier representative. As such, please be ready to present your ticket and valid photo ID to the conductor once you are seated, or to the motorcoach bus driver at the time of boarding. Even if you are a frequent rider, hold a multi-ride ticket and are familiar with the conductor or driver, you must still present your ticket. Conductors and drivers are required to check your tickets—it is their job. Please don’t make their jobs difficult for them! If you are making connections between the train and bus, you must be ready to show your ticket for each segment of travel.
Please safeguard your tickets as Amtrak and Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority are not liable for lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed tickets. Tickets are required for travel–you cannot travel on lost tickets. To be able to travel, you may be required to repurchase your tickets.
Amtrak and Capitol Corridor are enforcing this policy for both security and revenue tracking purposes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.