Changes to the “Message to Riders”

Priscilla Kalugdan Message To Riders, News Archive

Hello, we’ve made some changes to the ‘Message to Riders’ section of our site. ‘Message to Riders’ has moved and has also been renamed ‘Get On Board‘.

‘Get On Board’ uses a blog format, so you’ll be seeing more frequent posts from me online, and you’ll also be able to post comments. You’ll also be able to subscribe to the blog via RSS feed, and be updated whenever there’s a new post. I plan to continue publishing my quarterly ‘Message to Riders’ flyer for our riders who aren’t on the grid, but the on-line version of ‘Message to Riders’ will have this newer platform. All of the previous editions of “Message to Riders” have been moved to the Archives section of Get On Board.

Visit the Get On Board blog!