Connecting Bus Service at Fisherman’s Wharf Suspended on 7/29, 4am to 4pm

Philip Krayna News Archive

On Sunday, July 29, the San Francisco Marathon will be run by an estimated 27,000 athletes. Due to the course path and expected interference from traffic and spectators, connecting bus service for the Capitol Corridor will be suspended between 4am and 4pm at the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf (SFW) bus stop. The following westbound connecting bus trips will not stop at Fisherman’s Wharf:

  • Bus 6677 connecting from westbound Train 727
  • Bus 6679 connecting from westbound Train 729

Passengers wishing to travel to San Francisco on July 29 may book their connecting bus travel to the Transbay Temporary Terminal bus stop (see complete schedule) and from there, walk or connect to San Francisco Muni.

Alternatively, passengers may take the Capitol Corridor train to the Richmond Station or Coliseum Station, and from there, connect to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART),which provides frequent and fast service to downtown San Francisco.

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