New Parking Procedures, $5 Daily Parking Fee at Emeryville Station

Philip Krayna News Archive


The former parking lot at the Emeryville Station was closed in April 2015 due to the construction of a new parking garage and office buildings on the site. Passengers parking at this station must use the spaces available in the adjacent Terraces Parking Garage at 5855 Horton St. Please read the instructions below on how to use this garage, as the procedure for Capitol Corridor, San Joaquin, and Amtrak daily and multi-day riders has changed. Previously, there were a limited number of free spots available for daily riders; however, for those not receiving a free spot, the parking fee was $20. Under the new procedure, daily riders (including passengers with 10-ride tickets) will pay a flat $5 fee for each day parked at the station. Monthly Capitol Corridor ticket holders will continue to have free parking.

Daily or Multi-Day Riders – $5 Daily Fee
If you are using the garage for one or more consecutive days, you must take a parking ticket upon entering the garage. Bring this ticket to the Amtrak Ticket Office after parking your vehicle and prior to boarding your train and present it to the Amtrak ticket clerk. The ticket clerk will validate your parking ticket for the $5 daily rate. The number of days allowed will be based on the travel dates indicated on your train ticket, and passengers who purchase a one-way train ticket will only be allowed one parking day at the $5 rate. The ticket clerk will also provide you with a yellow cling to affix to the inside of your windshield before boarding the train. This window cling will indicate the number of days your car will be parked at the garage and also assist staff in identifying which cars belong to Capitol Corridor and other train passengers. Please arrive early to allow extra time to validate your parking ticket and window cling sticker for your windshield.

After your trip and upon exiting the garage, provide the parking attendant with your validated parking ticket and the window cling and pay the total parking fee due.

Monthly Ticket Riders – Free
If you are a monthly ticket holder, you may request a monthly access card for parking from an Amtrak ticket clerk. This card will be good for the duration of your monthly train ticket. To renew your monthly access card, you will need to show the station ticket clerk your new monthly train ticket. Please be sure to purchase your new monthly train ticket a few days in advance of your current month’s expiration.

Ten-ride ticket holders are not eligible to receive a monthly access card and must follow the procedure for daily or multi-day riders.