New Train Configuration Goes Into Effect July 1, 2015

Philip Krayna News Archive

Adjustments to Train Car Configuration Will Improve Operating Efficiency of Capitol Corridor Service

This summer Capitol Corridor will be making adjustments to its train configuration to improve operating efficiencies, lower costs, and help reduce C02 emissions.

Starting July 1, 2015, we will be using three fewer cars on the eight (8) trainsets assigned to operate our weekday service. This change will not impact the train schedule or fares in any way, nor will it affect the availability of seating on busy, heavily-used trains.

Based on a 15-month comprehensive analysis of ridership, we determined we could use fewer cars to operate the same level of service. In particular, by eliminating one car on certain trains with lower peak ridership counts, and revising our policies for group travel, we are able to maintain the same high quality service levels and spacious seating to which you have been accustomed on the Capitol Corridor.

Please be assured that this change will not jeopardize your ability to get a seat on a Capitol Corridor train. What it does mean is there will be fewer empty seats, especially on the lower ridership trains. With that in mind, Amtrak train conductors will be reinforcing Capitol Corridor’s “one ticket, one seat” policy and encouraging use of the overhead bins for personal belongings to keep seats available for our riders.We thank you for your cooperation as we work to accommodate all customers comfortably.