Rider Courtesy Reminder

Priscilla Kalugdan News Archive

One Ticket, One Seat, And Please No Feet!


Based on Capitol Corridor staff inspections and complaints we have gotten from riders, we would like to remind you that neither feet nor personal items belong on the seats.

Shoes and personal belongings stain the upholstery, and they take seats away from fellow paying passengers. Please keep your shoes off the seats, and keep the seats adjacent to you clear for other passengers. Personal items may be stowed in the overhead bins.

We know some riders might not be happy about having their morning snooze interrupted by conductors asking them to remove their feet or items from a nearby seat, but it is important – and only fair – that all passengers enjoy a comfortable and clean environment.

Conductors will begin enforcement of this rider courtesy standard on March 31, 2014. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you!