San Francisco Bus Delays Expected, September 26

Philip Krayna News Archive

Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 9pm

The Transbay Transit Center, as well as Fremont St., will remain closed through at least October 5. While this does not directly impact Capitol Corridor’s connecting bus service, passengers may experience delays due to increased traffic on surrounding surface streets.

Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 7:30am

Passengers who use Capitol Corridor’s connecting bus service for travel to and from downtown San Francisco may experience service delays today and through the end of the week. This is due in part to the unexpected closure of the new Transbay Transit Center and the resulting closure of Fremont St., as well as heavier-than-normal downtown traffic from the Salesforce Dreamforce convention taking place at the Moscone Center through Friday, September 28.

Even though the Capitol Corridor does not serve the Transbay Transit Center, the closure of Fremont St. and the temporary relocation of other buses to the “old” Temporary Transbay Terminal are expected to contribute to heavy traffic on surrounding surface streets.

At this time, we do not know how long the Transit Center and Fremont St. will remain closed or how significant the service delays will be. We do anticipate that Dreamforce, as well as several home Giants games, will contribute to delays through the end of week.

Riders who wish to avoid the potential delays getting to and from San Francisco may consider taking BART by connecting at either the Richmond or Oakland Coliseum stations.

Thank you for your patience and for riding the Capitol Corridor!