Schedule Adjustments to Morning Santa Rosa-Martinez Connecting Buses Effective May 22

Philip Krayna News Archive

Effective Monday, May 22, 2017, the schedules for Bus 6410 (connecting to Trains 529/727 and Trains 524/720) and Bus 6514 (connecting to Trains 541/741 and Trains 532/734) between Santa Rosa and Martinez will be adjusted to better reflect road and traffic conditions and improve the reliability of connections with trains in Martinez. Bus 6410 will depart Santa Rosa 20 minutes earlier, and Bus 6514 will depart 25 minutes earlier, although the schedule time differences vary for each stop. The arrival times at Martinez remain unchanged.

Following are the new departure times for each of the connecting bus stops:

BUS 6410: (20 minutes earlier)

Santa Rosa (SRC): 5:35am
Rohnert Park (RPC): 6:05am
Petaluma (PTC): 6:00am
Napa (NAP): 6:50am
Vallejo (VAL): 7:15am
Martinez (MTZ): 8:00am

BUS 6514: (25 minutes earlier)

Santa Rosa (SRC): 10:30am
Rohnert Park (RPC): 10:45am
Petaluma (PTC): 11:00am
Napa (NAP): 11:50am
Vallejo (VAL): 12:15pm
Martinez (MTZ): 1:05pm