Train Schedule Adjusted for January 7 College Football Playoff National Championship

Philip Krayna News Archive

On Monday, January 7, 2019, the Capitol Corridor will offer an adjusted train schedule for the College Football Playoff National Championship match-up between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers. Kick off is at 5 pm PST, and the game will be played at Levi’s®Stadium, which is just steps from the Capitol Corridor’s Santa Clara-Great America Station.

Train 548 Rescheduled for Later Departure*
Eastbound Train 548, which provides service between San Jose and Sacramento, will depart the Santa Clara-Great America Station at 9:20pm—almost 2 hours later than its regular departure time—and make all eastbound stops, arriving in Sacramento at 12:21am on Tuesday, January 8. By extending the departure time of Train 548, fans attending the game will be able to take the Capitol Corridor train home from the game.

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Staying in San Francisco? Connect to the Capitol Corridor from BART
If you’re staying in Downtown San Francisco, you can still avoid traffic and take the Capitol Corridor to the game by connecting to the Capitol Corridor train from Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). From any downtown San Francisco BART station, board either a Dublin/Pleasanton or Warm Springs/South Fremont BART train and travel to the Coliseum BART station in Oakland, which is adjacent to the Capitol Corridor’s Oakland Coliseum Station platform. Allow yourself about 45 minutes to an hour for travel between downtown San Francisco and Oakland, including wait time. The Capitol Corridor and BART are separate systems, so be sure to purchase a BART ticket (or Clipper card) in advance at the BART station. Visit to check the schedule and fares.

*Passengers who plan to ride Train 548, but are not attending the game, should be sure to adjust their travel schedule to account for the later departure.