CC Rail Mail: Summer Fun, BART Transbay Tube Closure, Santa Rosa Bus Stop Move, Emeryville Parking Reminders, Mobile App Ticketing

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From the Blog: Top Picks for Summer Fun Along the Capitol Corridor

Truckee Thursdays

Got an empty weekend on your calendar that needs to be filled? We’ve gathered some great ideas for summer fun along the Capitol Corridor – from panning for gold in Sacramento and flying a kite in Berkeley, to zipping along the San Francisco Bay in a Rocketboat and enjoying the smooth sounds of jazz in San Jose. Check out our blog post for inspiration, and don’t forget to take advantage of our big money-saving fare discounts for groups of two to six passengers: Take 5 for Weekends, and the new Friends and Family deal that is good every day of the week!

No Transbay BART Service August 1 & 2

BART Tube closure

Due to critical BART maintenance work, there will be NO BART SERVICE through the Transbay Tube on August 1 and 2, 2015, and over the upcoming three-day Labor Day weekend. On these days, Capitol Corridor passengers who connect to BART at the Richmond or Coliseum stations will not be able to use BART for travel to/from San Francisco or other West Bay destinations such as SFO Airport. (BART service to other East Bay stations – except West Oakland, which will be closed – is unaffected.)

For travel to San Francisco, passengers can connect to the Capitol Corridor/Amtrak bus at Emeryville; however, it is expected that vehicle traffic over the Bay Bridge will result in delays of one to two hours. Bike storage on the buses will also be limited. Passengers needing to get to San Francisco may also consider taking the Capitol Corridor to Oakland Jack London Square, where they can connect with the San Francisco Bay Ferry.

Downtown Santa Rosa Bus Stop Moving on Monday, July 13

The downtown Santa Rosa connecting bus stop will be moving about half a mile to a new location with improved passenger access starting Monday, July 13. Service at the current Marriott location on Railroad St. will be discontinued after the last scheduled stop on Sunday, July 12. Click here for details.

Emeryville Station Parking Reminder

Emeryville Station

For those passengers who park at the Emeryville station, we’d like to remind you that due to the closure of the old lot, parking for this station is now at the Terraces Parking Garage, located adjacent to the station at 5855 Horton St. A limited number of FREE, unmarked parking spaces are available here for intercity rail passengers on a first-come, first-served basis.

To park here passengers must obtain a parking pass decal and an access card from the train station ticket agent. Please note, after you have used the parking pass and access card, it is important they be returned to the parking attendant so other passengers can use these spaces. Click here for details on how to use parking at the Emeryville station.

Rider Tip: Buy Multi-Ride Tickets on Your Mobile Phone!

Mobile device

Earlier this spring, Capitol Corridor and Amtrak introduced the ability to buy multi-ride tickets on mobile devices. You can now purchase your tickets by visiting on your mobile device, or by using the Amtrak app. For both options, a major credit or debit card is required.

When you purchase your monthly or multi-ride tickets on or the Amtrak app, you’ll have access to your ticket’s usage history by using your reservation number with either the e-mail address or phone number used for booking. You’ll be able to view a summary of the number of rides you have left, in the case of 10-ride tickets, as well as the date, time, and service used for each trip. You can also see the number of rides remaining on your 10-ride ticket by scanning your eTicket at any Ticket Kiosk kiosk.