CCJPA Business Plan Review – Public Workshops

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1. CCJPA Business Plan Review – Public Workshops
2. Track Work Project Extended through March 4, 2007

1. Business Plan Public Workshops – March 6-8

Capitol Corridor will hold its annual public workshops to discuss the FY07-08 – FY08-09 Business Plan March 6-8. You are invited to attend and provide input into future plans for the Capitol Corridor (fares, stations, schedules, etc.). View the public workshop schedule and preliminary copy of the Business Plan.
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2. Track Work Project Extended through March 4, 2007

The current track work project on the Capitol Corridor line has been extended through March 4, 2007. Union Pacific needs more time than originally anticipated to complete the project.
Through March 4, 2007, the following trains will remain temporarily suspended:
Eastbound Trains: 518, 526, 530, 534
Westbound Trains: 527, 531, 533, 541
*Train 529 will go thru to San Jose
Passengers can expect some minor delays on other trains through March 4th as track work is completed. Click here to view the temporary schedule.
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The Capitol Corridor will resume its regular schedule on Monday, March 5, 2007. At that time, service will be restored on trains that were temporarily suspended due to the track work project. Also at that time, ALL trains will operate on the regular schedule (published December 1, 2006). Copies of the regular schedule can be found at stations and on the website at:
Thank you for understanding that this track work is part of a multi-year upgrade project designed to keep the railroad in good condition so that trains can operate reliably.
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