Next Stop: Amtrak Train Days, Tour de Cluck, and Station Tips for Fellow Riders

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Amtrak Train Days at the California State Railroad Museum

Amtrak Train Days

All aboard for railroad fun! On Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7, ride the Capitol Corridor to the California State Railroad Museum to celebrate Amtrak Train Days. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., enjoy FREE admission to the museum and explore the exhibit train to learn about the Amtrak’s past, present, and future.

Climb aboard a double-decker California car or explore “Reasons to Ride,” the dynamic Amtrak experience that allows attendees to see, hear, and feel the benefits of train travel through interactive elements and informative graphics. For the youngest rail fans, stop off at Chuggington Kids Depot, featuring toy trains and coloring tables. Top off the day by exploring Old Town Sacramento; there’s something that’s bound to strike a chord for everyone!

Additionally, you can save on travel to the Railroad Museum this weekend with our Take 5 offer for small groups. With the purchase of one full fare adult ticket, you can bring up to five other people for only $5 per person each way. Tickets must be booked at least one day in advance of your travel, so book now in preparation for Amtrak Train Days!

From the Blog: Chickens Take the Spotlight at the Davis Tour de Cluck

Tour de Cluck

This past weekend, staff from Capitol Corridor participated in the Tour de Cluck, an annual bicycle “coop crawl” around Davis. Check out our latest blog post about this “eggcelent” event!

Share Your Station Tips

Station Tips

To make planning a trip on Capitol Corridor even easier, we are in the process of updating the station information on our website and want to include tips from passengers like you! Help fellow passengers at your station by sharing your own tips—best time to arrive, your favorite restaurants nearby, or anything else that might be important or interesting. Send your station tips to [email protected] or tweet #CCStationTips.

Rider Tip: What a Red Star on Your Receipt Means

When you buy something from the Café Car, be sure to check your receipt! A random number of receipts are printed with a red star, and if you happen to get one of these lucky receipts, your entire purchase is free! Simply show your receipt to receive a refund on your purchase.