Multi-Ride Tickets

Thank you for riding Capitol Corridor!

Whether you’re a daily rider, or a few-times-a-week rider, this section offers helpful hints for your train riding experience

For our frequent riders, we offer both a convenient monthly pass, as well as a 10-Ride/45-Day pass, both at a significant discount off of the standard fare.

10-Ride (45-Day) Ticket

10-Ride (45-Day) tickets are good for 10 discounted one-way trips, valid for a 45-day period. Beginning August 19, 2013 only the person named on the ticket will be allowed to travel on a Ten-Ride (45-Day) ticket.

Monthly Tickets

A monthly ticket is good for unlimited discounted rides between stations named on the ticket or any station located between the two endpoints (stations) listed on the ticket and is valid during the calendar month for which it is issued.

Show Your Ticket

Please be ready to present your ticket and valid photo ID to the conductor once you are seated, or to the motorcoach bus driver at the time of boarding. Even if you are a daily rider, and hold a multi-ride ticket, you must still present that ticket to the conductor or driver. If you are making connections between the train and bus, you must show your ticket for each segment of travel. More on Ticket Policies >

Checking on Train Status

Visit our Train Status page for updates. All stations have electronic message signs at the platform that provide estimated arrival information for trains. You can also check on train status by phone (1-877-9-RIDECC, 1-877-974-3322). Check Train Status >

Bringing Your Bike Along?

Visit our Bikes on Board section for details >

Connecting to Local Transit or BART?

Capitol Corridor offers Transit Transfers that allow you to ride connecting buses and light rail free. We also offer Discounted BART tickets and direct connections to BART at both the Richmond and Oakland Coliseum stations.More info on Connections >

Stow Your Stuff

Capitol Corridor trains offer overhead compartments and racks at the ends of the cars for you to store your personal items. Please leave the seat next to you open for other passengers. More on Luggage >

Amtrak Rewards Program

With Amtrak Guest Rewards® you can earn points which are redeemable for free Amtrak® travel, gift certificates at leading retailers and restaurants, airline miles and more. For details, visit Amtrak Guest Rewards >

Pre-Tax Tickets

Federal law lets workers receive up to $230* a month in employer-paid tax-free transit costs, or take up to $230 a month in tax-sheltered payroll deductions for transit costs. See Pre-Tax Tickets >


Many Capitol Corridor stations offer on-site parking facilities for passengers. Parking facilities are provided by the local municipality and availability and fees vary from station to station. Some lots offer discounts for frequent travelers.Check your Station for parking information >