eTicketing Now Available for Purchase of Multi-Ride Tickets

Philip Krayna News Archive, Service Alerts

If you use ten-ride or monthly unlimited tickets for travel on Capitol Corridor, we’ve got some great news. These multi-ride tickets are now available as eTickets!

With eTicketing, you can purchase your ten-ride or monthly ticket online at and instead of picking up your ticket or waiting for it to be mailed, you just print it out from any computer and show it to the conductor. Electronic Tickets will also be issued at in-station ticket counters and Ticket Kiosk Kiosks. While these eTickets look a little different from the print-anywhere tickets, they work the same way, and all you need to do is show the ticket to the conductor.

There are several advantages to using eTickets:

  • If you ever lose your ticket, you can print out another.
  • If you have a smart phone that receives email and opens PDF documents, simply show the bar code on the phone screen to the conductor without printing it out.
  • With ten-ride eTickets purchased on, you can retrieve your reservation to view your travel history and check the number of rides remaining. All other 10-ride eTickets can be scanned at a Ticket Kiosk machine for information about remaining rides.

Ten-ride tickets are currently being issued to passengers as eTickets, and monthly eTickets go on sale Thursday, January 16 for travel in February. Regular tickets are still being accepted.

For more information about eTicketing for travel on Capitol Corridor, visit