BART Fares to Increase on January 1 and Discounted BART Tickets Discontinued

Priscilla Kalugdan News Archive

If you purchase blue magnetic strip BART tickets on board the Capitol Corridor train, please be advised that starting January 1, 2018, all BART fares will increase by 2.7 percent. In addition to this increase, there will be a 50-cent surcharge added to the fare for each ride using BART’s blue tickets. The reason for the extra cost is to encourage passengers to use the Clipper card to pay their BART fare. Accepted by 22 transit agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Clipper is reusable and long-lasting. There will be no surcharge assessed for fares paid with Clipper. PLEASE NOTE: Capitol Corridor fares cannot be paid with Clipper.

What does this mean for Capitol Corridor passengers?
The Capitol Corridor currently sells BART’s blue magnetic-strip tickets on board trains at a discount – a ticket with $10 of value costs $8. Starting January 1, 2018, the Capitol Corridor will replace its stock of blue tickets with Clipper cards pre-loaded with $11 of cash value. With these pre-loaded Clipper cards, we will be unable to continue offering passengers a BART discount; however, we will be waiving the $3 one-time fee normally charged for Clipper cards. The pre-loaded Clipper card will cost $11 on board the Capitol Corridor train for a one-time savings of $3. The stored value can be used to pay fares on multiple transit systems in the San Francisco Bay Area and reloaded with additional value once the initial $11 is depleted. The purchase of Clipper cards from the Café Car is limited to one (1) card per ticketed passenger. Passengers may be asked to show their ticket stub to Café Car attendant. PLEASE NOTE: Passengers cannot add value to Clipper cards on board Capitol Corridor trains; however, there are many convenient ways to load value including online and by setting up Clipper’s Autoload feature.

What about Discount Muni Tokens?
The Capitol Corridor will continue to sell San Francisco Muni tokens at a discount of 25 cents. PLEASE NOTE: Muni fares are not increasing on January 1.

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