Important Fare Policy Information: Child Discount Age Becomes 2-12 as of March 24, 2014

Philip Krayna News Archive

Please note that starting Monday, March 24, 2014, the defined age of a child will be 2 to 12 instead of 2 to 15 due to an update of Amtrak’s national fare policy.

This means that 13, 14, and 15 year old passengers who are travelling with someone 18 or over on the Capitol Corridor or other Amtrak service will no longer pay half fare. They will instead be required to pay the full adult rail fare.

Existing reservations made prior to March 24, 2014 will be honored at the current age; however, if customers make changes they will be subject to the policy in effect at the time of the new booking.

This change will apply to all child passenger types, including those used for various membership discounts (such as AAA) and for other fares where there is a child half fare (disabled, mobility impaired, military, pass rider, etc.).

For each passenger aged 13 and over who is paying the full adult fare, two children aged two through 12 may be included on the reservation at half fare.

Please note that the policy update does not affect Amtrak’s unaccompanied minor policy; no child 12 or under may travel unless accompanied by a passenger 18 years or older.