Please Adhere to the One Ticket, One Seat Policy

Philip Krayna News Archive

With ridership on the Capitol Corridor continuing to show robust growth, some peak trains have become more crowded, making it increasingly important for riders to respect each other’s space and abide by our “One Ticket, One Seat” policy. This means that the ticket you purchase entitles you to use only one seat; you may not use additional seats to store your personal belongings. By adhering to this policy, you are helping to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and safe ride on the Capitol Corridor.

Lately, we have been receiving an increasing number of complaints from riders who cannot find a place to sit because seats are taken up with the personal belongings of their fellow passengers. To address this situation, starting on Monday, September 24, and continuing over the next couple of weeks, the Capitol Corridor and Amtrak staff will be on board select trains to enforce the “One Ticket, One Seat” policy. In addition, audible announcements about keeping seats clear will be made along the route, including in the Quiet Car.

Passengers who choose to use more than one seat will be asked to remove their personal items and stow them either on the floor by their feet or in the overhead compartment. Passengers who do not move their belongings (or their shoes/feet) may be asked to leave the train at the next station stop, in accordance with Amtrak/ CCJPA policy.

The goal of our “One Ticket, One Seat” policy is to ensure that all of passengers feel welcome and are able to safely enjoy their ride on the Capitol Corridor.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.