Sacramento to Roseville Third Track Project, Phase 1

Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSOQ)

The following are documents related to the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority’s (CCJPA) RFSOQ for the Final Engineering Design of Phase I of the Sacramento to Roseville Third Track Project.

The RFSOQ is available in two formats – MS Word (usable as Read Only) and PDF. There are also eight referenced documents (in Attachment F of the RFSOQ) that are directly from UP, as well as four preliminary draft design plot maps with some comments from UP. Please be sure to download all files.

Request for Statement of Qualifications:

RFSOQ (Read Only Word Version)
• RFSOQ (PDF Version)
• RFSOQ Questions & Answers

Pre-Submittal Meeting Documents

Attendee List

Union Pacific Railroad Documents

Engineering Design Final UP Consultant Checklist
Survey Guidelines
UP Aerial Survey Guidelines
Structures Geotech Report
UP Structures Design Guidelines
UP H&H Guidelines
UP Roseville 3rd Main Structures Report
Roseville Third Main Structures Report UP Electrical Design Manual

Draft Design Documents:

Draft Design Track Preliminary Phase 1 of 2
Draft Design Track Preliminary Phase 2 of 2
Draft Design Roseville Extents
Design Longplot Yard

Section Approved and Final EIR Certified

On November 18, 2015, the CCJPA Board of Directors approved the project and certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Did You Know?

Third track project improvements are projected to reduce vehicle miles traveled by nearly 12 million throughout Northern California.

Peak-hour Capitol Corridor trains can carry upwards of 600 people which can take 500 cars off the road during peak congestion periods. That’s about 25% congestion reduction in one lane of traffic.