Connecting Bus Service Cancelled for All SF Stops Except Transbay Terminal on May 1 Starting 8am

Philip Krayna News Archive

Due to planned May Day protests throughout San Francisco on Monday, May 1, 2017, Capitol Corridor connecting bus service is being cancelled to/from all stops in San Francisco – except the Transbay Temporary Terminal stop – from 8am through the remainder of the day.

This cancellation will impact the following San Francisco bus stops:

Financial District/Hyatt
Pier 39
Shopping Center

This cancellation will impact the following train-bus connections serving the above stops:

Westbound buses from Emeryville Station:

Train 527 connecting to Bus 3327
Train 529 connecting to Bus 3329
Train 531 connecting to Bus 6631
Train 545 connecting to Bus 3345
Train 547 connecting to Bus 6647

Note: Connecting buses will operate from the Financial District/Hyatt stop to Trains 520, 522, and 524.

Eastbound buses to Emeryville Station:

Train 538 connecting from Bus 3338
Train 540 connecting from Bus 3340
Train 542 connecting from Bus 3342
Train 546 connecting from Bus 6646

Note: Connecting buses will operate to the San Francisco Hyatt bus stop from Trains 521, 523, and 525.

BART is the Best Alternative for Travel to/from San Francisco
While we will do our best to operate connecting bus service to/from the Transbay Terminal on May 1, we strongly encourage passengers to instead connect with the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) at either the Richmond Station or Oakland Coliseum Station in the East Bay for travel to downtown San Francisco. BART runs frequent service between both stations and four downtown San Francisco BART stops (Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, and Civic Center). You can purchase a discounted BART ticket on board Capitol Corridor trains in the Café Car. It costs $8 for $10 of value.

Following are the one-way, adult BART fares between both stations and any of the four downtown San Francisco BART stops:

Richmond: $4.65
Oakland Coliseum: $4.20

BART accepts fare payment with the Clipper card.