CC Rail Mail: Preview SF Beer Week On Board Sampling, Richmond Elevator Work, Business Plan Workshop, and eLockers

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Preview SF Beer Week with On Board Samplings from Local Breweries

SF Beer Week

Yes, you read that correctly! The Capitol Corridor is excited to announce that on Thursday, January 26, and then again on Thursday, February 2, we’ll be partnering with the organizers of SF Beer Week and two local craft breweries to offer a special, free on board beer sampling. Reps from 21st Amendment Brewery and Cleophus Quealy Beer Company will be on board two evening trains each to pour samples and share stories about how their beer came to be. This is all leading up to SF Beer Week, happening February 10-19 to celebrate the Bay Area’s brewing heritage and craft beer culture with hundreds of events throughout the region. To see which trains are offering beer samples, check out our latest blog post.

Richmond Station Elevator Out of Service January 23 to 27


Between Monday, January 23, and Friday, January 27, all elevators at the Richmond BART/Amtrak Station stop will be out of service, including the elevator servicing the Capitol Corridor/Amtrak train platform. The stairway will remain open. The elevator closure is due to important maintenance work being conducted by BART. If you need to use the elevator during the week, and are not connecting to BART, you can park at another Capitol Corridor station, such as Berkeley. If you are using the Richmond Station to connect to BART for service anywhere on the BART system, you can take the Capitol Corridor to the Oakland Coliseum Station and connect to all BART lines except Pittsburg/Bay Point. If you are using the Richmond Station to connect with BART to travel specifically to San Francisco, you can also take the Capitol Corridor to the Emeryville Station and connect to Amtrak’s dedicated connection bus service to one of the San Francisco stops. For details, check out our latest news article.

Share Your Feedback at a Business Plan On Board Workshop

Business Plan Workshop

During the week of January 23 through 27, 2017, Capitol Corridor staff will hold public workshops on board select trains and at the BART administrative offices in Oakland. This is your opportunity to learn more about and have a say in the future plans of Capitol Corridor. You can find a draft of the Business Plan and schedule of public meetings here.

BikeLink eLockers Providing Bike Parking Now At Martinez Station

BikeLink Martinez

Now installed at Martinez, the following Capitol Corridor train stations also offer bicycle BikeLink eLockers: Fremont, Oakland Coliseum, Emeryville, Berkeley, Richmond, Suisun/Fairfield, and Davis. BikeLink eLockers are perfect for passengers who want to ride their bikes to a Capitol Corridor station and leave it there rather than bring it on the train. These eLockers are fully secure and enclosed for protecting your bike from thefts and other factors. Read for more details on how to purchase an eLocker card in order to use a BikeLink eLocker.

Rider Tip: Use Free Transit Transfers for an Easy Capitol Corridor Connection

Transit Transfer

Before hopping aboard the Capitol Corridor to enjoy a relaxing ride, you need to get to the station. You can drive and park, ride your bike, walk, or use one of our partner transit agencies to easily make the connection. AC Transit, VTA, and Sacramento Regional Transit, are just a few of the agencies for which we offer FREE Transit Transfers – that means you can use that other agency’s service for free by requesting a paper Transit Transfer from a Capitol Corridor conductor. While we do not offer Transit Transfers for BART or Muni connections, we do sell discounted tickets and tokens in the Café Car. Check out the Connections page of our website for details about using transit to connect to or from the Capitol Corridor.